I Photographed My Tinder Matches (2)

I wanted to share my work in progress with you all today for my senior thesis! With Covid-19 I had to stop working on the project. I am so thankful that I was able to get as much done as I did before the virus hit New York City. A more proper in-depth post will come soon w/ the completed work. I have so much I want to say about this project but id rather hold off until I am completely satisfied. Below, I have written a short statement about the work and shared a few of the images.

Check back soon for updates!

I Photographed My Tinder Matches is a typological study of men exploring the concept of disposability and control dictated in a digital space. How we swipe for what we want and what that looks like displayed in a curated grid. The process of stripping people away from their identities gives the viewer full permission to question who they see before them. While also allowing them to compare and contrast “my type” with theirs.

Zack, 25

Syd, 23

Rayan, 22

Andrew, 25

Jay, 25

Jesse, 24

Reneel, 26

Nemi, 24

Steven, 25

Kevin, 23

Joaquin, 24

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