I Want My Time With You

Time as a concept scares me. It scares me more than it should, probably because the good stuff flies by so rapidly and the rough patches move as slow as a broken clock. The way I look at it, every second counts, but it doesn't matter how much we do in that time. The only thing that matters is that we are spending our time in a way that feeds our souls.

Every time he and I would hang out we would start the evening getting gasoline at this one station in my hometown. We would stand outside of the car and dance to the sound of the traffic speeding by, poking fun at each other for having no rhythm. This became the routine. I remember him walking into the store to get us a drink. He felt so offended at the taste of vanilla Nesquik that he wanted to throw it out the window. I was amused by his passion for something so miniscule. And in that very moment I thought - Damn, I wish I could photograph you.

What my eyes see and what my camera sees are two completely different things. This is because I never shoot unless I am working. I never throw my camera in my friends faces and I never even take it with me unless there is an intention to take portraits. This project challenged me to photograph the fleeting moments that are my life and the people that shape who I am. To remember the good times, but also the ones I knew would eventually break my heart.

There is something special about a throwaway camera. Its lifespan peaks my interest and sets me free of the way I typically would shoot. Whenever I got one of these cameras growing up I would take countless irrelevant photos and I would be so eager to get them back never knowing what I even took pictures of. Doing this now, as a twenty two year old allowed me to change the way I look at photography. I started collecting instances I would have probably forgot even happened in the first place. Things or people I might force myself to forget about later, toxic energy, electric energy - all of it. I wanted it all documented - the tangible and the messy. Nothing staged. Real life and real time.

This project is a love letter to myself and to my friends. Compiled of images from New York City, London, Washington DC, and my hometown in Maryland.

Below are some of my favorite shots from this series!

Kensington, London - April

Washington DC -January

Chinatown, Manhattan- April

Damascus, Maryland- May

Chinatown, Manhattan - April

Chelsea, Manhattan-March

Williamsburg, Brooklyn -March

Chelsea, Manhattan- May

Damascus, Maryland- May

Damascus, Maryland- May

College Park, Maryland- April

Chelsea, Manhattan-April

Windsor, UK- April

Damascus, Maryland-May

Camden, London- April

Chelsea, Manhattan- September

Tower Hill, London- April

Fitzrovia, London- April

Tower Hill, London- April

Washington DC- January

Kensington, London- April

Chelsea, Manhattan-September

Chelsea, Manhattan- April

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